Compounded by Billions

The world is a parade
of hate and love

pepper spray
and candy

every day the candy is sweeter
every day the pepper is hotter

we chew and rub our eyes
marching in circles

at night both sides meet
plotting to take back

all of the things we have
knowingly and willingly forsaken

and it is not the bug in the teapot
that thwarts peace

but rather the daily individual decisions,
compounded by billions

-André Souligny

Atoms in a Coffee Can

alone with my mind
atoms in a coffee can
climbing inside of my desires and defeats
rehashing actions and errors
revising and editing memories
tolerating the past as it casts shade
growing older and feeling still myself,
still waiting, still adding and subtracting

I live, always staying up too late
I live, rarely drinking, alas
I live, as an idle songwriter’s songs slip away
I live, tucking in even the oldest of our children
I live, dozing off, dropping the spoon, the blade
I live to hear the peepers again
I live

-André Souligny